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Interglobal Management And Technical Services Limited - Industrial, Services, Consulting - Header Section


Interglobal Management And Technical Services Limited

provides the experience and the know-how in the manufacturing, production, application & marketing of various products to our clients.


  • Integration of technology processes
  • Sourcing of machinery & equipment

Production, Application & Marketing of Products

  • Planning and realization of control & automation of production systems
  • Research and development on all aspects of production
  • Continuous development and improvement of production processes
  • Optimization of the use of available production facilities
  • Development of efficient product quality control monitoring system

Plant Management

  • Advice on technical questions and plant procedures
  • Optimizing procedures to lower operation costs
  • Source, procure and negotiate rates of replacement machinery and production equipment for your business
  • Maintenance of machinery and production equipment
  • Development of ecological and energy-saving methods, including assistance in the design and implementation of management system (policy, objectives, programs, organization, training, auditing) and advice on the setting- up of environmental regulations.

Management and Business Support Services

  • IT and management systems for your company‚Äôs operations
  • Recruitment and development of qualified foreign personnel
  • Marketing and sales performance programs of goods
  • Research and development
  • Advising on international best practices in purchasing methods and control
  • Economic studies and projections
  • Internal communication and management of information systems
  • Support with international aspects of fiscal, corporate, financial and economic law as well as in the choice of external advisors

Special Services

- Commissioned research and development
- Laboratory work on raw materials and products
- Engineering and development of processes, equipment and production facilities, and the associated project management
- Comprehensive chemical and physical assessment of raw materials
- Commissioned support for plant troubleshooting and maintenance